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Ringgold County Regulation V - Sewage

Ringgold County Public Health closely adheres to Regulation V for the proper disposal of sewage, septic permitting and compliance with DNR standards.

Section 1. Sewage Disposal

A. Present Installations

Any present installation will not be disturbed unless there is a serious complaint to or by the Ringgold County Board of Health.

B. Permit Requirement

No person, firm, or corporation shall begin construction or replacement of any new private sewage disposal system in Ringgold County without having obtained a permit as set out in Section 2, Regulation V. A permit for the installation of the private sewage disposal system shall be obtained prior to the construction of any dwelling or building to be served by this system.

Section 2. Permits

A. Applications

Any person, firm, or corporation desiring a permit must file with Ringgold County Environmental Services an application stating therein the owner’s name, exact location of the structure, and such other pertinent information as may be required.

Applications for a permit for a private sewage disposal system in Ringgold County shall be accompanied by an acceptable soil porosity test. A sketch or floor plan of the structure to be served by this system may be required.

Upon approval of this application by Ringgold County Environmental Services, the permit will be issued upon payment of the required fee.

B. Fees

See the current fee schedule by clicking here.

Section 3. Definitions

Acceptable Soil Porosity Test: Plat showing location, length, footage and absorption rate of the lateral field, that meets the requirements of the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Section 4. Compliance with DNR Standards

All systems shall be in compliance with rules and regulations established by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as set forth in Chapter 69 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

Section 5. Penalties

Any person who violates any provision of this act or the rules and regulations of the Local Board or any lawful order of said Board, its officers, or authorized agents, shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor. Each additional day of neglect or failure to comply with such provisions, rules, regulations or lawful orders after notice of violation by the Local Board shall constitute a separate offense.