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Tanning Beds

The state now oversees inspections to make sure that the equipment used in tanning beds meet health and safety guidelines and that the operators are knowledgeable in the procedures to help protect the patrons from skin damage.  There is an online test and registration fee to be paid to the Iowa Department of Public Health.  For more information on tanning bed registration, please click here.

Swimming Pools, Spas, and Tattoo Parlors

Currently, Clarke County Environmental Health Services (641-223-8299) oversees the inspection of certain providers for the safety and well-being of Ringgold County residents.

They will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all public swimming pools and spas. Items such as water quality, disinfection, testing, construction, safety, and lifeguard certification are all scrutinized on an annual basis to provide a safe environment for the public.

Tattoo parlors are checked for sterilization and sanitary conditions.  With the increase in blood-borne diseases such as HIV, it is imperative that these operations are following strict public health safety rules and regulations.