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Well Permits

Ringgold County requires a permit on all private wells. Well permits are required for drilling all private wells, including drinking water wells, vertical heat pump wells, livestock wells, monitoring wells, etc.

Permit Requirements

New wells need to be constructed in a sound manner and in locations where contaminants are not able to penetrate the groundwater. Anyone having a well drilled must obtain a permit prior to having the work completed.

State Certified Well Driller

The well driller also must be a State Certified Well Driller in order for them to work in the State of Iowa.

Permit Fee

A permit fee of $250.00 is required on all wells.  Well drillers are required to arrange for a permit prior to starting work.  The permit application can be accessed by clicking here.


A penalty may apply if a permit is not obtained. Also, a well may be required to be filled in if standards are not met.

State Certified Well Drillers

This list is not an endorsement of any well drillers, nor is it meant to be exclusive of any other certified well drillers.

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