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Ringgold County Public Health is proud to offer a number of resources to visitors of this website and to residents of Ringgold County. These resources include a new Emergency Notification System service for the public, a number of downloadable forms and links to helpful information located elsewhere on the Internet.

Emergency Notification Reverse 9-1-1

The Ringgold County Emergency Notification System, or REVERSE 9-1-1 as it is sometimes known, gives responders a chance to reach out to the public in case of an emergency event. We encourage residents of Ringgold County to submit contact information to us, so that we can respond in the event of an emergency. Signup is free. Click the image to learn more.

Board of Health Members

Click this link to learn who comprise the Ringgold County Board of Health and how to attend our meeetings. We welcome input from the public we strive to serve.

Public and Mental Health Forms

Click here for privacy forms, CPC applications and Ringgold County Public Health employment applications.