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Aug 3

Pick a Better Snack – Take a Nectarine to Go!

Nectarines are like bald peaches, and they taste similar yet nectarines are a bit more tart. The smooth-skin characteristic that distinguishes nectarines is a minor genetic variation, like red hair among people; it is even possible that a peach tree may suddenly produce a branch that bears nectarines, and vice versa. The word “nectarine” means sweet, as nectar, which most likely is the origin of this fruit’s name. These sweet, aromatic delights are grown in California and originated in China more than 2,000 years ago.

Nectarines, peaches, and almonds are all part of the same family, yet they are each separate fruits. The inner almond-shaped seed of these fruits is edible but bitter, and since they contain cyanide, slightly toxic.

Good quality nectarines have a yellow background color with no hint of green. They should be slightly soft not shriveled and free of bruises and blemishes. Unripe fruit should be stored on the countertop in a closed paper bag. Refrigerate ripe fruit.

Take Nectarines With You! Wash. Eat. (how easy is that?)


  • Make “nectarine whirl” by blending nectarine chunks with milk, orange juice, honey, almond extract and ice cubes for a fresh, fruity beverage.
  • It’s Iowa State Fair time! Go for healthier snack options at the fair, and take along nectarine slices with granola for your car trip.
  • Cut slices of peaches, plums and nectarines, stir into fruit yogurt and serve in a sundae dish or a waffle cone. Top it off with sprinkles, trail mix or diced dried cranberries to really make it summer-licious.

Try to make half your plate fruits and vegetables at every meal and choose naturally low-fat fruit or vegetables as snacks.

Pick a better snack™ was developed in partnership with the Iowa Nutrition Network and the USDA’s Food Stamp Program and Team Nutrition – equal opportunity providers and employers. For more information about the Iowa Nutrition Network, call the Iowa Department of Public Health at (800) 532-1579.