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Dec 23

COVID-19 Vaccine Available Now for Health Care Workers

Ringgold County Public Health has received an initial delivery of COVID-19 vaccine. The Iowa Infectious Disease Advisory Council (IDAC) has identified the following health care groups that will be targeted with the initial vaccine allocations: Critical Care Radiology Emergency department Federally Qualified Health Center Infectious disease COVID-19 vaccinators of essential populations Hospitalists Staff/physicians of urgent […]

Dec 8

Public Health Ends Medicare Certification

Ringgold County Public Health was formed in 1972 thanks to a three-year federal grant and a portion of county funding.  The agency has served many citizens in need of a variety of health concerns, but has been well known for home health care. In recent months, the agency has been unable to recruit/retain needed registered […]

Dec 8

State Updates Positive Case Analysis on Coronavirus Dashboard

The state of Iowa has updated the positive case analysis dashboard on to include new data for total tests, in addition to individuals tested, providing the public more comprehensive testing data that more clearly illustrates recent virus activity and testing volume. The information for tests and individuals is displayed in total and by day, […]

Dec 7

Guidance for Helping Children to Understand and Use Face Masks

The way children feel about face masks during coronavirus restrictions can depend on age. Babies and younger children pay a lot of attention to faces. So they might feel anxious or upset when they can’t see the faces of family members, caregivers, and other familiar people. This article offers ideas for how to talk with […]