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Dec 8

State Updates Positive Case Analysis on Coronavirus Dashboard

The state of Iowa has updated the positive case analysis dashboard on to include new data for total tests, in addition to individuals tested, providing the public more comprehensive testing data that more clearly illustrates recent virus activity and testing volume.

The information for tests and individuals is displayed in total and by day, by test type (PCR and antigen), and by county.  Also included are the current 14-day and 7-day averages for positivity rate and individuals positive per population of 100,000 at statewide and county levels. These trends are more comprehensive indicators of recent virus activity than daily cases and positivity rates alone.

County maps display data for both the 14- and 7-day averages. Each map shows the total and percent positive cases when you hover over the county. If you click on the county, it will filter other data on the page, displaying information only for the county selected.

Data for total tests shows the complete volume of testing that has been reported in Iowa. It includes all tests reported, including multiple tests for an individual. Approximately 36% of Iowans who have had a COVID-19 test, have tested at least twice and many have tested multiple times. More Iowans are testing more regularly now that testing resources and availability continue to expand.

Reporting total tests provides a more accurate reflection of current virus activity and provides Iowans with more comprehensive data.  While the percent positivity of total tests is lower than that of individuals, all positivity rates, including those by county, will continue to be calculated based on individuals tested.  Daily lab results have been removed from the dashboard, but can be found within the bar graphs displayed on the page.

COVID-19 data is reported differently by states. The state of Iowa has regularly updated its website to ensure it provides timely, relevant data that informs the state’s public health response and updates Iowans about the situation.  Iowa’s COVID-19 website also includes data on regional medical coordination centers (RMCCs), hospitalizations, long-term care facilities, Test Iowa, serology testing, county positivity and corresponding school districts, recoveries and deaths. The website is available at and is updated in real-time throughout each day.