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Nov 30

The 12 Ways to Health

Learn how to stay safe and healthy with this festive song, sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas! (click on this link to hear the following words being sung!). 1. The first way to health, said the CDC to me Wash hands to be safe and healthy. 2. The second way to […]

Nov 27

Talk, Read and Sing to Your Newborn!

Just before parents leave the hospital with their newborn for the first time, doctors go through a list of discharge instructions, including guidelines for how to keep their baby healthy and safe. As families return to pediatricians for regular wellness checks, there is one topic that many pediatricians never address, yet one physician-scientist says should […]

Nov 27

Fatherhood Class to be Offered December 4

A free class for men/dads will be held December 4 at 6:00 pm at the Ringgold County Senior Activity Center, 110 N. Taylor Street, in Mt. Ayr.  The group will be guided by Robin McDonnell, RN and Parent Educator. Topics that will be covered include: Family history What it means to be a man Men’s health […]