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Dec 3

Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

We are in the season of holiday celebrations, football playoffs and bowl games. These are fun times with family and friends and all of these festivities involve meals and snacks.  Who can resist the honey-baked ham, buttery mashed potatoes, chicken wings, cheesy nachos and chips?  Ringgold County Public Health would like to remind you that you don’t have to give up all of your holiday favorites if you make healthy choices and limit portion sizes.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers these tips to avoid overeating and choose healthy foods at your gatherings:

  • Plan ahead so you don’t overeat.
  • If you’re at a buffet, fix your plate and move to another room away from the food, if possible.
  • Choose smaller portions.
  • Choose low-calorie drinks such as sparkling water, unsweetened tea or diet beverages.
  • Select turkey without gravy and trim off the skin, or choose other lean meats instead of honey- glazed ham.
  • Look for side dishes and vegetables that are light on butter, dressing and other extra fats and sugars, such as      marshmallows or fried vegetable toppings.
  • Focus on friends, family and activities instead of food. Take a walk after a meal.

“Many people throw healthy habits out the window and embark on two months of excess eating during this time of year,” says Linda Klejch, Registered Dietician.  “All foods can fit into a proper diet. There are just some that you have to eat less often or in smaller amounts. “

Eating better can help you look and feel better, control your weight, have more energy, and lower your chances of developing certain diseases. Ringgold County Public Health suggests that you look for ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your celebrations and gatherings. If you would like additional information on how you can do this, give us a call at 641-464-0691 or check out our other pages on the website.