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Jan 24

Oleta Jones Shares Healthy Lifestyle Wisdom

There is great value in sayings that have stood the test of time.  Did you ever hear your grandparents or parents say, “What’s good for the body is good for the mind”?  Or, “Health is the first wealth”?  Simple but profound sayings, many would say.

Most know eating healthy food and staying active will increase chances of living longer with a higher quality of life.  Mount Ayr resident Oleta Jones has been modeling this strategy for many years now.  At 74 years of age, she is a great example of how walking and biking can be enjoyed at all ages.  Oleta has a route she bikes around town during warm weather.  When it gets colder, she walks during the midday when temperatures are warmest.  She wishes there were more walking trails with soft surfaces like grass or dirt as they are easier on her joints.

“People often say they don’t have time to exercise, but don’t we all have the same 24 hours in a day? For health reasons, it is worth it to get out and walk or bike once a day.  It is great for the heart and lungs.”  She also offered advice for the younger generation. “These town kids need to be walking to school, and their parents can walk with them.  Drink more water, too!”  Oleta was quick to deflect praise while insisting she notices a lot more people are walking and biking around town than she remembers in the past.

Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) continues their work on a Community Transformation Grant to reduce the impact of chronic diseases.  During the course of this work, many local residents with healthy lifestyles have been recognized. The methods they use to stay healthy are usually time tested – simple, but not easy — and worth it in the long run.

  • Be active.
  • Eat and sleep well.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Just like grandma said when she made you eat your green beans, “You are what you eat!” After the meal,  she probably made you go outside to play.  Little did we know how smart our grandmas were.

If you would like more information on walking, biking, or healthy eating, call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691 or visit us  at