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Mar 22

Diagonal School Staff Living Healthy

Ringgold County Public Health recently met with a group from Diagonal School to discuss worksite wellness options. An exciting group of five school staff got to work on good ways to help employees be active during the winter. They decided that promoting participation in the Live Healthy Iowa 10-Week Challenge, a team-based online physical activity program, would be something many would be interested in joining.

Larry Teply agreed to be team captain, and they filled up a 10-person team quickly. He has been a wellness champion in past years by organizing teams and by walking regularly with teammates. Teply also added, “It’s easier to be on a team because it helps me to stay active.  I don’t want to let my teammates down. Now I even walk on the weekends, which I wasn’t before.”  He also mentioned that some on the team have tried new activities like weightlifting.

At their latest wellness meeting, the Diagonal group decided to distribute a wellness interest survey to employees. They determined this would be a good way to find out what healthy activities and programming the staff would be interested in starting next school year.

RCPH continues outreach to local businesses and organizations about worksite wellness programs. Worksite wellness can be simply defined as employers finding ways to make it easier for employees to be healthy while at the workplace and beyond. Examples include offering physical activity programs, healthy food options, health screenings, and other efforts that empower employees to take charge of their own health.

RCPH invites you to look for ways to add health into your workday. Whether it is a short walk on break, packing healthy snacks for your workday, or joining a team with co-workers, your health is worth it!