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May 17

Dailey and Snethen are Lifetime Walkers

Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) Community Transformation Grant (CTG) staff recently caught up with two local residents Donald “Jake” Dailey and Joe Snethen. Jake, age 91, and Joe, age 90, both spoke highly of their regular walking routines. Dailey said he might miss five days a year if the weather is really bad. “I’ve always been active. After being a regular walker for so many years, my body just tells me to walk.” He also added, “If you move, you move. If you sit, you sit.” Dailey enjoys working at the American Legion during their dance nights and dances several times a month as another way to stay active.

Snethen maintains a similar approach towards staying regular with his walking. Only on bad weather days does he take his walker to the hallway in his apartment building where he will walk the length of the hall 60 times. As he said, “I would rather walk than not,” referring to his walking as an important part of keeping him healthy. He has some other challenges since his vision isn’t what it used to be. The sidewalks in Mount Ayr are rough in stretches, so he generally walks in the road (with reflectors for safety).  He added with a smile, “I walk the same route every day so I don’t get lost!” Joe also mentioned that he will use his walker to carry items when he runs errands, setting a great example of active transportation for the often sedentary younger generations.

RCPH salutes Dailey and Snethen for their dedication to lifetime healthy habits.  They are great role models for all of us. Make sure to say hello to them when you see them walking around town.

Snethen and Dailey

Joe Snethen (left) and Jake Dailey (right) heading out for a walk!