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Jun 27

Growing Healthy Eating Habits

Adding healthy food to your diet can be as easy as growing a tomato plant or a pepper plant. Or choose your favorite fresh vegetable or fruit to grow. It’s not too late to add a potted plant on your porch or even plant many varieties of food bearing plants in a garden spot.

Here are five great reasons to grow some of your own food:

  1. Researchers found that 30 minutes of gardening fights stress even better than leisure activities.
  2. Gardening is valuable “ME time” and can enhance mood. Trade your smartphone for gardening to gain therapeutic benefits.
  3. Risk of dementia is lower for those who gardened regularly for years.
  4. When you plant fruits and vegetables, it is likely you will eat more of them! Eating meals high in fruits and vegetables contributes to a healthier life.
  5. Gardening allows you to stretch your body and provides regular outdoor activity. As you continue tending to your garden’s needs, you add purposeful exercise.