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Jul 26

Greggo’s Restaurant Offers Healthy Options

A Community Transformation Grant (CTG) allows Ringgold County Public Health staff to work with local restaurants to highlight healthy options. Greggo’s owner Ryan Gregg agreed to meet with local dietician Katie Routh, RD LD, with whom CTG contracted to do menu consultations. They identified four menu options to be considered “heart healthy,” and designated those options with a heart symbol next to the entrée on the menu.

Gregg first met with CTG staff early in 2013 to discuss different ideas for healthy menu options. He agreed there is a growing demand among consumers for healthy options. Most restaurant menus even include a “lighter” or “lower calorie” section to cater to that group of consumers, so Ryan was receptive to the idea. Greggo’s motto is, “If we have it and you want it, we’ll make it.” That allows a customer to ask for a lighter version of most entrees. The restaurant has been busy since it opened on July 5th, and Gregg has received good reviews. He stated, “I’ve had lots of compliments about all my food. People like that it is easy to spot the heart-healthy options on the menu.”