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Aug 26

Princess Theater Partners with Public Health

Karen Bender has a long history of helping out her community.  She is always eager to lend an ear when anyone asks about ways to improve her hometown of Mount Ayr.  She currently works as the Director of the Mount Ayr Chamber of Commerce and Ringgold County Economic Development and manages the Princess Theater. 

Community Transformation Grant (CTG) staff from Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) recently met with Bender to discuss getting advertising placed on the big screen before movies at the Princess Theater.  She offered to approach the theater board about placing the proposed ads as a community service since the ads will always have a health promotion flavor.  Bender stated, “I see that as community betterment since helping people make healthy choices is good for our community.”  The theater board gave their approval  for the ads as well.

The first round of the health messages went up recently and displayed pictures from the Bike and Walk to School events held in Mount Ayr and Diagonal. The large turnout at the events resulted in pictures of many students, school staff, parents, and other community members.  Bender and CTG staff came up with some clever messages to show between the pictures that played on the idea of “Active transportation: Using your own two feet to get you places.”  The partnership of Princess Theater and CTG staff is already planning the next few rounds of healthy messages for the big screen.

Bender has also expressed interest in adding a few healthy options to theater concessions. While the majority of movie goers enjoy buttery popcorn, soda, or possibly a sugary treat, she acknowledged there is a growing demand for healthy options most places.

Please join RCPH in saluting Karen Bender and Princess Theater for their generosity towards Ringgold County communities. RCPH continues their work on a Community Transformation Grant to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. If you would like more information on walking, biking, or healthy eating, call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691.