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Nov 26

County-wide Wellness Group Meets for First Time

Ringgold County Hospital hosted a meeting of 23 county residents November 20 to discuss some exciting strategies and events to help Ringgold County promote health to all residents. The group included representatives from the hospital, school districts, county employees, city employees, faith community, local businesses, youth philanthropy, and other health advocates.

John Stevens, Live Healthy Iowa Outreach Coordinator, presented to the group and explained how other counties have made great strides in improving the health of their populations. They used the Live Healthy Iowa (LHI) 10-Week Challenge as a springboard for people to get more physical activity in their lives. LHI was used as a turnkey event to form wellness coalitions that could be the backbone of efforts to improve the health of a county.

It was also announced that Mount Ayr was offered to be one of 14 cities in Iowa to host a 5k and 1k kids run/walk event on April 12,2014. The group voted unanimously to accept the offer. By having the event in Mount Ayr, part of the proceeds from entry fees will go to help the wellness group continue with other efforts to promote healthy changes to the environment and explore more opportunities for health-related events in Ringgold County. Mount Ayr will be the only site of the LHI 5k/1k within a 75-mile radius. The group was optimistic about attracting people from many of the surrounding counties to the event.

More info about the 1o Week Wellness Challenge can be found at Registration opens December 26, and the program starts in January. Ringgold County participants should enter LHIRINGGOLD in the Group ID box to join. If you would like more information on the county-wide wellness coalition or want to be involved, please call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691.