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Jun 26

Community Garden is “Growing” Well!

The Hy-Vee One Step Community Garden located at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Mount Ayr is “growing” well — in spite of the wildlife that has helped themselves to the tender plants!  The local residents who are working on the project have researched methods of protecting the plants from deer and rabbits and have experimented with many of the methods recommended.  Marigolds were planted in the beds, human hair was scattered over the soil, pieces of Irish Spring soap were wrapped in dryer sheets and hung from the cages, and moth balls were scattered in the garden.  Those efforts have not completely eliminated all the animal nibbling, but any reduction will be appreciated!

The garden consists of four raised 4’x12′ boxes.  A wide variety of vegetables and flowers have been planted, and some produce has been harvested already.  The gardeners look forward to enjoying more produce as the summer progresses.

Garden 0614

The raised beds in June 2014


Radishes harvested from the community garden