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Aug 28

Two County Projects Vying for $7500 Wellmark Awards

To commemorate Wellmark’s 75th anniversary, they are awarding $7,500 each to a total of ten projects that will improve community health in Iowa and South Dakota .

The proposed project in Mt. Ayr is an extension of the Ringgold County Trailway. The current trailway, maintained by Ringgold County, is two miles spanning from Highway 169 east to 250th Avenue. The proposed project will create an addition to the current trailway of approximately one quarter of a mile, connecting north to the Ringgold County Hospital. By connecting the trail to the hospital, more parking will be available for those who use the trail on a daily basis.  Also benefiting from this project will be the local school as they utilize the trailway for safe track and cross country practice.

The Ringgold Trailway is one of the most highly utilized areas in the county for outdoor recreation and health and wellness activities. This two mile asphalt trail features healthy motivational signage that displays distance traveled for easy accountability. With over 30 visitors a day, it is easy to see the impact health and wellness has had on our community.

In Diagonal, the local Lions Club has been working hard to replace dilapidated sidewalk in their community. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Diagonal Downtown Beautification Project that included new sidewalk and lighting in the business district have been successfully completed. Phase 3 of the project includes reconstructing sidewalk between the business district and the K-12 high school to replace the existing sidewalk that has fallen into disrepair. Replacing this section of sidewalk would encourage students to walk to school.

Help our Ringgold County projects win one of the Wellmark awards!  Click on either project below and give it a vote!  You can vote once a day, so check in often to make your voice heard!

Mt. Ayr Ringgold County Trailway Extension

Diagonal Wants to Walk