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Dawn O’Brien Recognized as Nominee for Family Support Participant of the Year

Dawn O’Brien has been enrolled with Parents as Teachers since the birth of her second daughter. She wanted to learn how to be a good parent, form solid relationships with her children, and help them to learn. Dawn began the program as a single mom of two daughters born 14 months apart and was working a minimum-wage, part-time job without a high school diploma. Both daughters exhibited several developmental delays and behaviors at young ages. Brylie has had some medical conditions requiring several surgeries.

Dawn has consistently shared her concerns and challenges of parenting with her parent educator who has assisted her to gain early intervention resources to help. Gracie and Brylie are now both enrolled in preschool and are receiving the services necessary to help them begin their education. Dawn has worked closely with not only her parent educator, but also Early ACCESS, WIC, Child Health Specialty Clinics, multiple health care providers, the preschool, and more.

Since her PAT enrollment, Dawn has achieved her high school diploma, became a Certified Nursing Assistant, and is now working full-time with intellectually-challenged adults. She hopes to go back to school in the future to obtain her degree. She has been able to buy a reliable vehicle and is saving money to buy her first home. Dawn has become confident in her parenting skills, can identify needs, and follows through with recommendations – all goals of the PAT program.

O'BrienDawn O’Brien with daughters Gracie and Brylie