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Sep 14

Influenza Vaccination Shots Available

Influenza vaccination shots are now available at the Public Health office on a walk-in basis.  Please call ahead (641-464-0691) to make sure a nurse is available or to make an appointment to come into the office.

Mist vaccinations will be available for individuals age 2-49 when our supply is received.  Individuals with any of the following conditions should NOT receive the mist vaccination:

  • Asthma or respiratory problems
  • Any long-term heart, breathing, kidney, liver or nervous system problems
  • Pregnant
  • Child or adolescent receiving aspirin or aspirin-containing products
  • Weakened immune system
  • Allergies, including an allergy to eggs, or have ever had an allergic reaction to an influenza vaccination
  • Have ever had Guillain-Barre’ syndrome (also called GBS)

There is no charge to those with Medicare Part B.  For those who have a Medicare Advantage Plan or who wish to pay privately for the vaccinations, the cost will be $30 for injections and $35 for mist.  We are also able to bill both Blue Cross or United Healthcare.