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Apr 26

PAT Staff Participate in Ringgold County Hospital Health Fair

Parents as Teachers educators were on hand to provide developmental screenings for children age 2 months through age 5 1/2 years at the health fair sponsored by the Ringgold County Hospital on April 16.  A total of 15 children were screened by our staff.  Parents were given the opportunity to voice any concerns they had and were educated on options for early intervention.

“Ages and Stages Questionnaires” were used to pinpoint developmental progress of children.   The questionnaire is designed with specific ages and milestones in mind and provides a snapshot into the child’s communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving and personal-social developmental areas.  Parents complete the questionnaire, which is then reviewed by a trained professional, scored and reviewed with the parent/caregiver.  Scores are graphed onto a form, specific for the age of the child, and is used to determine if there is a concern, an issue to monitor, or no identifiable needs.  Copies of the screenings can be shared with medical providers or teachers to serve as a baseline.  If concerns are found, referrals are made for early intervention.

Pictured below are the Parents as Teachers staff who participated:  Jennifer Creveling, PAT Parent Educator, and Robin McDonnell, RN, PAT Parent Educator and Supervisor.

RCH Health Fair