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May 21

Father’s Day Activities for Kids and Their Dad

Father’s Day is a celebration of men who love and invest in their kids. Do everything you can to make the day a special one for your whole family.  Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Put on a play for Dad
  • Make a gift basket of treats Dad really likes
  • Take a day or afternoon to go fishing with Dad
  • Plan a scavenger hunt at a park with Dad
  • Organize a softball game with Dad
  • Go on a hike with Dad
  • Make a list of all the things the kids love about Dad and frame it as a gift
  • Make Dad a printed photo album of the children
  • Set up a game of croquet in the back yard
  • Play a board game with Dad
  • Fly a kite with Dad
  • Play a group card game with Dad
  • Throw a football or baseball in the back yard with Dad
  • Buy Dad a tree or bush you know he’d like and plant it with him
  • Go bowling with Dad
  • Go to a pet store with Dad and check out all the critters
  • Go for a bike ride with Dad
  • Climb a tree with Dad
  • Make breakfast for Dad
  • Wrap up Dad’s favorite candy bar in a paper colored by the children