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Mar 20

**Policy Change for Enviornmental Health Effective March 1, 2024**

Policy Change for Environmental Health- Septic Systems

Ringgold County Board of Health has approved a policy change that would require homeowners or property owners to take the same classes required of registered contractors to improve their understanding on how private septic systems work and are maintained if they desire to install their own system. This policy would not apply if a homeowner or property owner is hiring a registered contractor to complete the work. It would also not apply to homeowners or property owners living within 200 feet of a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) such as city septic or sanitary district. The policy reflects those already used in Taylor and Union Counties.

Class requirement of 6 hours is available through Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). More information is available at: Onsite Wastewater Training ( An upcoming class is being offered February 13, 2024 at Southwestern Community College in Creston:

Virtual training may also be available. See this link for more information: Iowa Environmental Health Association – Education, Training, & Events (

Class fees are set by the trainer and will be the responsibility of the homeowner or property owner. More information about private septic systems is available at: Private Septic Systems ( Those with questions or concerns are encouraged to call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691.